Saturday, November 4, 2017

Athletics, tennis & triathlon

This Tuesday is our School Athletics Day so we hope all the students are fighting fit and parents are able to join us.  See the athletics page for the timetable. Next week a team will represent us at the Rakahuri Athletics Championships at Ashgrove Park.

On Wednesday a team of 4 play tennis in the Canterbury Summer Tournament - good luck to Kees, Olivia, Ed & Max.

Entries are open for the Canterbury Triathlon, so please contact Annabel for more information or to enter.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Term 4 and athletics

With springtime comes a sudden interest in exercise and we shed the layers of winter clothes! The School students , however are always running about, whether playing tag, touch or tennis.
Our School athletics day is fast approaching and the relevant information is on the athletics page as it becomes available.
Congratulations to all the students who played representative sport over the holidays. We had many students enjoying tournaments and some stunning successes as well - in basketball and football.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Spring Sports - tennis Opening at Fernside

Congratulations to Xanthe Jane who continues to train hard for the Inter-Provincial Cross Country Championships at the end of this month.
Congratulations to the Jump Jam team training for a National Competition next term.
And also our Fernside Netball Club teams have had considerable success across many grades.

Summer Sports Clubs, Teams and Competitions are being organised! Fernside School has 5 Basketball Teams and 5 Rugby Touch Teams which is great news.

Fernside Tennis Club has their Opening Day on Sunday 17th from 1 - 3 pm. Any enquiries regarding the competitions, and programmes

Sunday, June 25, 2017

SHOOSH - appreciate and support our referees and other officials. - Cross country results

Sports representatives
We would like to congratulate our students who are experiencing success in their Winter Sports
The Fernside School yrs 5/6 Netball team who will be playing in the Canterbury Primary Schools' Winter Tournament  after winning in the Rakahuri Tournament - Rose, Sienna, Lucy T, Lucy W, Bethany, Bree, Ariel, Mya. Thanks to Tamzin Bolton for managing the team. 
We had other success at the tournament as well - 7/8 Netball 3rd, 7/8 Football 3rd, 5/6 football 2nd, 5/6 Rugby 2nd. Thanks to our ref.s Jemma and Dayna and to our parent coaches/refs - Mark Harden, Gill Walsh, Kate Gardner, Trina Panasuik, Maria Robinson, Rachel Foster, Mike Flutey.
Xanthe Jane is training hard in her Canterbury Cross Country Programme readying themselves for the Inter-Provincial Championships.
North Canterbury RepresentativesNetball - Amelia, Saane, Rosa W as part of the successful Fernside Club Team, Football - U12 Maddison, Tayla, Georgie, Xanthe, U11 Max, Rugby - Kalio, Josh S, Ruby U11.5, Leith NC U48, Josh McD U12, and in Basketball - Lewis, U13 A - Alex, Eva, Dayna, B - Georgie, U13 Jonty

What a way to finish the term - Xanthe and Angus represented all Canterbury Primary Schools to compete against the Intermediate Schools on Wednesday. Xanthe Jane finished 5th thus earning a place in the regional Cross country team (first student since Saskia Lane) and Angus Thorne finished in 23rd place. These are outstanding results for her determined and talented students.

Congratulations to our Cross Country runners that competed at the Canterbury Champs. The Year 7 girls' (Xanthe - placed 4th individually, and Maddison & Tayla. SO 3 OF THE 6 RAKAHURI RUNNERS WERE FROM FERNSIDE) and Year 8 boys' teams (Angus 15th) were both placed 2nd overall.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fernside Student's achievement

This week Roderick Johns has proudly represented Fernside School at the Canterbury Primary Schools' Artistic Gymnastics Competition. He came 3rd overall after placing 1st on floor and 2nd on pommel. Congratulations Roderick. 3 Canterbury Certificates!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Questioning referees

There has been much discussion around the change in rugby where we now have players questioning referee's decisions when traditionally it has always been the captain only. Commentators have discussed how Rugby has prided themselves on players' self-management & etiquette (In the country we have a cuppa and morning or afternoon tea where each team captain will thank the other team, the ref, supporters & those who supplied the kai) and whether standards have dropped, and if there is a flow on effect.

I would suggest there is. In a Country where rugby has such a high profile and where media coverage is heavily loaded toward it, it has a trickle down effect. We now have Primary School students who question referee calls. Take for example weekly Primary School sport - It's a one-off game each week with no points tables or overall winners, just a game against another School to develop game skills and enjoy Sport.

We have a problem on our sports' fields and courts. Why anyone would place themselves in the position of being abused as a referee just shows their dedication to and love of the game.
It is not okay.
I am not for a second suggesting we go back to the days of not recording scores or scorning the celebration of a goal scored or a good result. But appreciating the other team, your own team mates, the ref, and respecting the game itself is paramount.

We must teach our children what is and what isn't acceptable and this comes first - before the game skills even. Let's not tolerate any challenging of the referees, tolerate no arguments, tolerate no foul or abusive language and insist on good sporting behaviour.

We have to show our children what that looks like - how to thank another team, how to deal with incorrect decisions, how to deal with a loss or a win. Let's encourage our children to speak up for what is right and what isn't. Leadership can be taught and we can't expect it to just occur without guidance.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

North Canterbury Cross Country Results

What a fantastic day at Loburn Domain for our determined students. The results achieved are a testament to the effort they made to do their best. Everyone in the team finished in the top 21of each age group, 6 stood on the podium and 9 will represent the School and Rakahuri Zone at the Canterbury Cross Country Championship Event.

2017 Rakahuri Cross Country Results

Year  8 girls                                                   Year 8 boys

Olivia Malcolm 10th                                       Angus Thorne 3rd               
Lydia Smith     12th                                         Ashton Hampton 10th

1 km disabled race

Zack Lappin 1st

Year 7 girls                                                    Year 7 boys

Xanthe Jane  1st  & 1st in NC                       Max Walsh 2nd
Tayla Smart & Maddison Smart 5th =             Riley Acutt 17th
Meagan Husband 8th                                               Hamish Pettigrew 21st

Year 6 girls                                                    Year 6 boys

Mya Phillips   1st  & 2nd in NC                     Roderick Johns 16th
Kirsty Watts 2nd                                            Josh Silcock 17th
Lucy Thorne    10th                                         Riley Hampton 21st               

Year 5 girls                                                    Year 5 boys

Emelia Rayner 8th                                          Elliot Husband 4th
Alice Fungavaka     10th                             Kalan Acutt 7th
Eliza Smith      13th                                       Campbell George 13th
                                                                        Marcus Leopold 18th